Collection and Delivery: Delybell Specializes in providing collection and deliveries of documents and parcels within Bahrain.
Cheque Collection: A dedicated service where we collect the cheques on your behalf from your customers and deliver it to you.
Return Service: Send items and receive them back to your doorstep. Ideal solution for getting documents signed or sending products that require repair and return.
Personalized Delivery: Delybell offer personalized delivery for banks to deliver cheque books, Credit Cards, pins and confidential documents.
Express Service: Express Service is for Time Sensitive Delivery of Documents and Parcels that needs to be delivered in the shortest possible time duration. Shipments will be collected and delivered within hours or as per pre-defined timings to suit the customer.
Third Party Collection and Delivery: We can collect anything from point A and deliver to point B on your behalf. This service enables you to save your precious time.
Bulk Deliveries: We offer bulk deliveries with in Bahrain for Invoices, Promotional material, Invitations and more at most competitive prices.
E Commerce Delivery: Cash on delivery (COD) is the need of the market wherein online businesses want to supply their products to their customers and collect cash at the time of delivery. We offer personalized services to all online customers to secure their COD Sales and payments from their customers with our effective delivery system.
International courier: Our international courier service connects with high performance partners across the globe, enabling us to offer an exceptional international parcel service that is fast, reliable and flexible.

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